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WELCOME fellow Ueki no Housoku fans!
This community was started by maki_17 and haruka_yan, to satisfy our roleplaying needs XD. Here you can roleplay as any Law of Ueki character or some other random nouryokusha in the tournament ^^

The Law of Ueki tells the story of the Battle of the Supernatural Powers, a tournament to decide who will be the next King of the Celestial World Each candidate (100 total) is required to choose a junior high school student to act as their fighter. Each student is given a unique power--the power to change one thing into something else. The winning King of the Celestial World Candidate will become the King of the Celestial World and the winning student will receive the Blank Talent (blank zai), a talent that can be anything they choose. While this leads many students to thoughts of greed and selfishness, Kosuke Ueki has decided to take it upon himself to win this tournament to keep that power away from those that would abuse such a gift.

This is the premise of the series, but so far this RP-com has advanced in the timeline.

Robert Hydn has made his formal appearence to Ueki. Kobasen was taken to hell for helping Ueki in his battle with Robert but managed to take Robert with him, or so it seemed.

Ueki recieved an invitation to join Robert's Ten but he's actually planning to defeat Robert and avenge Kobasen.

Please check recent post to know what's going on before you join, so it's very important that you make a character request before joining just so we know that you know what's going on, otherwise you might be denied to join.

(This rules were taken from the wonderful ouranparody comm ^^)
1. You can ONLY post with your chosen character. That means no posting with any other journal that's not your character's, even if it's an OOC post.
2. You can't role-play a character that's already chosen.
3. You can only play up to 3 characters
4. First come, first serve for character picking, but if you haven't made the journal and posted on the main com, the character will still be open.
5. Original characters can be anyone: a God Candidate, brother/sister, or heck, even someone named OOC_Ueki or something. Amuse us. XD
6. Every character please make an introductory post!
7. You MUST POST at least ONCE EVERY TWO MONTHS with any of the characters you RP, either in their personal journal or in the community. Exception is if you posted a hiatus or notice at the boards that you will be inactive for a period of longer than two months.
8. Inactive members (i.e: members who failed to post with at least one of their characters within the span of two months) will be first given a notice before they are taken off the list and their characters made available again.
9. A person who has dropped a character must keep the character's LJ for future RP-ers of that character.
10. Likewise, a person who wants to claim a dropped character must use the old character's LJ. Kindly coordinate with the former player of the character you wish to claim.
11. A former player has no say in who gets to play the character he or she dropped; the approval of characters is done solely by the mods.
12. Previous players of dropped characters MUST give the username and password of the CHARACTER JOURNAL the new player is claiming. No if's or but's.
13. Don't take attacks personally! Whatever is said in the board is only said to the character, not to YOU.
14. Likewise, don't use this community to insult the actual person role-playing the character!
15. Be as random as you can be~!!
16. Yaoi, yuri, het, and jokes bordering on the R-rating are all welcome!!

Well first you have to inform us that you're taking a character. Please post at the community first asking us for your character. First come, first serve.
If a character's already taken, then obviously you can't claim him/her anymore.
When we've ok-ed you (ie: when we've approved you to post), you create a new LJ for that character
Then you can post with that character and have as much fun as you want XDD!!!

This is a list of characters that are already taken or have been requested, even if a character doesn't appear here you can still request it. New members get preference over already playing members, so you can still pick a character that has already been requested.

(Moderator/Kamisama) - Taken by maki_17 and haruka_yan (kamisama_rules (grow_a_tree)

Robert Hydn - Taken by maki_17 (bubble_kill)

Koba-sen - Taken by cupid - (old_man_justice)

Inumaru (Wanko) - Taken by sapling (tophatpuppy)

Rosso (Shirokage) - Taken by korochan (robo_ruler)

Mori Ai - Taken by kuroirei (shinmori)

Anon -

Tenko -

Sano Seiichiro - Taken by ephemeralize (fresh_towels)

Rinko Jerad -

Alessio Juliano - Taken by haruka_yan (dirt_scythes)

Becky Wolf -

Yodogawa -

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