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Fri, Feb. 9th, 2007, 06:07 pm

Who: Shirokage and Ueki
Where: Park
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Summary: Ueki is upset with his current relationship with Kobasen. . .

A soft, calming breeze swept through the empty park as Kamui made his way to the swings, waiting for Ueki to arrive. Ueki hadn't specified any particular time for them to meet up at, and it was early in the night still. It could be a while longer until he met up with him. Fortunately, Kamui had prepared himself by bringing his trusty DS to play in case Ueki wasn't present. Glancing around the abandoned park to make sure no was around, Kamui settled himself on a swing and began to idly rock himself back and forth a bit. His foot was for the most part healed, but walking was still a bit awkward. It would be fully healed in no time at all.
As he pushed himself back and forth a bit, he began to mull over the true reasons for the arrangment of this meeting. Kamui himself didn't care for Ueki. He didn't deem him a threat, and really wanted nothing to do with him. But, Robert insisted that he kept taps on him for reasons he didn't know. Kamui was already on thin terms with Robert, what with his refusal to obey the rules, and his latest disability, and couldn't refuse the orders. Kamui, being the young kid he was, still held a childish grudge agaisnt Ueki for his injury. But, orders were orders. He had to curb his dislike of Ueki if he wanted to gain the other's trust.
Kamui tucked his hands into his sleeves, keeping his hands warm. It was a chilly night out. He hoped Ueki wouldn't take him long.

Ueki tightened the scarf around his neck, it seemed that each night was getting colder and colder. He didn't exactly want to meet with the other kid, but he had asked nicely so refusing would be a very rude thing to do.
Walking at a leasurely pace, Ueki walked along the path Kobasen had helped him clean about a month ago. A sigh escaped his lips, he really was thnking too much into things.

A few more feet away, sitting on the park's swings was that kid that owed him a broom, moving away from the path, he started walking towards him.

"Didn't think you'd show." Was Kamui's warm greeting as Ueki stepped into view. Kamui didn't get up from the swing, but instead stopped his movement and offered him a smug smirk. . which was Kamui's general visage to begin with.

Sitting in the swing next to Kamui, Ueki rocked himself slowly, staring intently at his shoes "I wasn't thinking of coming either."

"Then why did you?" Kamui glanced at Ueki with a blank face now. His tone of voice was soft now; almost soothing. The other seemed to be troubled about something, otherwise he would have never have agreed to this get together.

Ueki stopped rocking for a moment, and turned his head to look at the sky. "I'm not even sure myself." There was some sort of pressure in his chest, but that was probably the beginnngs of a cold or something.

"You said something about a guy named Kobasen." Kamui offered out calmly, trying to get a reaction out of the other one, still eyeing him all the while. If it was one thing Kamui was good at, it was putting up a good guy front. Although he himself didn't care anything for Ueki's problem, he knew all the right things to ask and do to comfort. People were only toys to him, after all. Manipulating them was something he became an expert at.

Suddenly tensing at the mention of Kobasen, Ueki gripped the swing's chain a bit tighter. "That's my teacher" the pressure came back a bit stronger this time, and why was he talking to this guy about such private things?

Taking note of the sudden grip on the chains, Kamui tilted his head a bit, in a curious action. "Did you fight with him or something?"

"No!" Ueki started to rock again.

"Well, something's bothering you about him, that's for sure." Kamui idly kicked at the ground a bit. "Did you want to talk about it?"

"No..." Was this guy was prying into his personal issues? The pressure in his chest was so much now that he almost couldn't breath. "We had a little talk a few nights ago..."

"Mmm-hmm?" Kamui nodded, waiting for where Ueki was going with this. Kamui may know how to act as a sympathetic shoulder, but he was also impatient by nature.

"Can we talk about something else? This isn't a very comfortable issue for me"

"Sure." Kamui shrugged at that. If he didn't want to talk about it, he wasn't going to force it. "So, why are you in this Tournament, anyways?" He had been wondering that for a while now. Ueki wasn't like any other Power User he had met. He hadn't any intention of fighting, and he doubted he knew anything of the Blank Zai, the main reason why kids joined the Tournament in the first place.

Ueki smiled, looking at the sky. "It's becuase of Kobasen. His justice. I wanna prove my own justice to him."

Kamui held back a smirk at that. So he was only fighting for meaningless concept someone taught him, huh? How dissapointing. "You don't care about the Blank Zai or anything?" At that, he gave Ueki an incredulous look.

"Blank Zai? What's that?" Ueki turned to look at Rosso but continued to rock on the swing.

"Y. . you don't know what the Blank Zai is?" Kamui turned to face Ueki completely now. How was a kid like this allowed in the Tournament in the first place? This only continued to chip away at Kamui's pride. He had nearly been beaten by a kid who didn't even know everything by the Tournament. "It's the prize for winning the Tournament. It's a blank zai that you can create as to whatever you want. That's why everyone is in the Tournament; to attain the Blank Zai to attain their dreams."

"Their dreams, huh?" Ueki started to rock a bit harder now "What's your dream then?"

"I never really thought about that," Kamui replied honestly, as Ueki began to swing faster. "I was selected to be a member of the Robert's 10 the moment I received my powers. I won't ever get the Blank Zai, but the reward for working for Robert makes up for it." Kamui was smirking as he said this. The prospect of getting a position of power over his own country to exert control over people made him deleriously giddy.

"Oh, I see. So Robert's your friend?"

"You could say that." Kamui replied back, still looking smug.

"Hmmmm....." This kid was okay. He was being honest.

"So, what about you? Now that you know what the Blank Zai is, what will you use it for if you win?"

"Good question" Ueki started to swing high, something he didn't do since he was a little kid. What 'would' he use it for? There wasn't anthing he particularly wanted, well, maybe Kobasen but that would work itself out. "You know, I don't think I want anything really."

"Except Kobasen, right?" The question came out of nowhere, really. Although he didn't look it, he could quite observant about things sometimes. Ueki's suppressed attraction to his teacher was almost readable on the other kid.

Ueki almost feel from the swing at the mention of Kobasen, what was this kid getting at?! "O-of course not! What makes you think that?"

"C'mon, I can see the look in your eyes whenever you talk about the guy. It's obvious." Kamui quirked his eyebrows.

Ueki stopped swinging abruptly. His face was darkened and his eyes a little unfocused. "I....he...well we........it's so complicated."

"Then just talk about." Kamui offered out gently. "It's obviously bothering you. Talking about it will make you feel better, won't it?"

"I guess....."He let go off the swings chain and slouched a bit forward, resting his arms on his knees. "Kobasen and I......like each other............but Kobasen is aready in a relationship, so he can't be with both of us at the same time. He said he'd break up and I'd decided I'd wait for him but I want him so bad right now......"

Kamui nodded as Ueki told him this bit of news. He personally thought the relationship was a bit strange, espessically with the given age gap between the two of them, but he was not one to be too bothered by other people's affairs. He wasn't an expert on relationship advice as this was an area he had no apparent interest in, but he could try. "Well, then all you have to do is wait for him, right? I mean you're pretty head over with this guy, and he seems to have a big influence on you. Everything will work out in the end."

Ueki looked at Rosso, when they first met he wanted to fight now he was giving him love advice? Well, at least it was good advice in his opinion. "Yeah, you're right. Thanks."

Kamui nodded, and swang back and forth a bit on the swing, looking at Ueki with a questioning look in case the other wanting to talk about anything else.

Taking a deep breath, Ueki started swinging again, feeling like a burden had just been lifted from his shoulders. "Hey, we should hang out some other time."

"We should!" Kamui nodded and grinned, starting to swing a bit more now.

Ueki smiled. He's made another friends, and although they'd started with the wrong foot, everything was fine now. Speaking of foot...."How's your foot?"

Kamui's smiled faded a bit at the mention of his foot. Inwardly he wanted to make an immature statement about how much damage Ueki had caused him, but that'd just cause more damage. Instead, he just looked nonchalantly at the bandaged foot and said, "It's almost all healed up. Still a bit sore, though."

"I'm glad. That you're healing I mean. I'm sorry for hurting you."

"It's okay, don't worry about it," Kamui said, brushing it off, although he didn't offer an apology of his own, despite the fact he was the one who attacked Ueki to begin with. "So, how come you don't take the Tournament more seriously? What if someone comes after you with the intent of killing you?"

"I don't really know what so big about this tournament. Every one makes a big fuss out of it. What's so special about having to fight?"

"You get the Blank Zai?"

"Hmmmm?" Ueki looked at Rosso quizically, while they both rocked forward and backwards.

"You get the Blank Zai. That's a good enough reason to fight, isn't it?"

"Again with the Blank Zai. I think I get what it's supposed to do but.....I don't know what I'd need it for..."

"There has to be something you'd want it for. We all want the Zai for personal gain."

"Personal gain.....well, the only think I really want is Kobasen's love but.....I think I have to win that by my own means, same as everything else."

"Mmm, I guess, but that's kind of boring."

"You think? Hmmmm.....well, that my kind of justice."

Kamui snorted a bit. "Justice is sure important to you, isn't it?"

"It's my way of life" Ueki stated with conviction "Besides, it because of it that I got to meet Kobasen again and again..."

"Hmm, I don't see the point of relationships. It's too bothersome."

Ueki blushed. His wasn't exactly a normal relationship. Heck, it wasn't an official relationship yet! Anyway, there was no point in arguing about that with the other boy since Uek hmself knew very little about 'that' kind of relations.

"I thought you liked the girl that always hung around you?" Kamui turned to look inquiringly at Ueki. "She's always with you. I'm surprised she didn't follow you here, like always."

"Hmmm? Mori? I didn't tell her I was coming..."

"Is that her name? She's kind of annoying. Doesn't it bother you she's always following you?"

"Not really. I don't mind her much."

"Don't like her that way at all?"

"That way? What way?"

"You know; a crush."

"Oh. No, not at all. She's a good friend and all. The only girl who doesn't try to kill me.....but I don't like her that way."

"Really? That's strange. I think she's annoying, but she's kinda cute, at least."

"Oh?" Ueki grinned a bit. "It looks like 'you' like her instead."

Almost immediately, Kamui kicked his legs out agaisnt the ground, sending him to a rock hault, nearly sending him flying forward, and new sparks of pain filled his foot. He gave Ueki an exasperated look. "I-. . I do not!!"

Ueki gave a laugh at th exasperated comeback, halting to a stop, he looked at Rosso "You okay?"

"I don't like her!" Kamui snapped back, his boyish attitude returning once again. "I don't even understand how you could think that!"

Ueki laughed again, it was kinda fun to tease the little guy, and easy too.

"Hmmph!" Kamui turned away, nose pointing upwards to the sky as he crossed his arms in a defiant manner.

"Hey, come on! Hahahaha, don't be mad, it's just a joke."

Kamui opened one eye and peered at Ueki, giving him a small pout.

Chuckling, Ueki stood from the swing, walking towards Kamui "Come one, let's go home, it's late."

Kamui blinked, then stood up, stretching his arms out languidly. He hadn't noticed how long they had been talking. "Alright. So you're feeling all better?"

"Yeah......yeah, I feel a lot better, thanks."

"That's good then. Sure you want to go home? Don't want to do anything else?"

"My dad is waiting for me. But, let's hang out some other time" Ueki smiled down at the boy.

"Sounds good to me." Kamui smiled back at Ueki.