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Tue, Jan. 23rd, 2007, 10:28 am
kamisama_rules: Time line advance

As you might have noticed, the com is starting to die a little so despite how few we are, we'll be advancing the time line a little, a bit just beyond the part were Kobasen goes to hell and Ueki is going to fight Robert's Ten.

Please finish up any logs you might have started and post them so others can know what's going on. Once that's done, I'll make another post explaining more or less at what point of the time line will be restarted (so to speak) as well as any changes that might have occurred.

Some Warnings.
Defeated Power Users can still post and affect current events. Although Kobayashi will supposed to be in hell he can still post but people will not be able to comment.

(For the person playing Mori/ 'cause I forgot her name! Sorry!!) I'm really sorry that your school banned Livejournal! You can still keep your character even if you don't post as often, just as long as you do post when you have the chance.

Concerning a recent question I had, Kami-sama is also a playable character, this is just the account we use as mods (we though it would be amusing if God were the mod) but it is possible to pick up God and roleplay him.

I think that's all, if anyone can make icons and a banner for the com you are more then welcome, it would help a lot to have a banner to promote this com on other sites, I'm starting to work on that so please try to post at least once a week, it's more probable that people will join if the see an active com.

For questions please comment on this post.

Thu, Feb. 8th, 2007 05:19 am (UTC)

(you forgot my name?? XD) Thank you for understanding *bows*