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Sun, Dec. 24th, 2006, 06:14 pm
tophatpuppy: Onsening

Who: Inumaru and Sano
Where: Road, onsen. XD
When: Couple days ago.
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Implied pedophilia via accusation, some cursing
Summary: Inumaru and Sano go to a ritzy onsen together. Though, the situation's a little awkward...

Inumaru sat nervously beside his chosen pupil, fidgeting in his seat e seemed a little distracted and fretful, glance inconsistent and often going out the window, watching as things passed on the drive to the onsen. Inumaru was amazed he had agreed to it all ust thinking about having to be naked in front of someone else made him feel shameful and embarrassed, tingling his cheeks pink.

Meanwhile completely oblivious to the fidgeting next to him, Sano cranked up the stereo, blaring jpop out of the open windows and floored the gas pedal, seeking to make record time. The car veered slightly and nearly collided with the truck next to them. Sano looked back at the now swearing truck driver and grinned. h, Wanko, how do you like my driving?
Inumaru blinked with the sudden cranking of the stereo, and before he had a proper response to offer, he cried out with the sudden swerve, eyes flaring wide and hat sliding somewhat crookedly on his head. "Ah!! S-Sano-kuuun," he whined loudly, turning down the radio and eyeing him incredulously. "That was dangerous!!" He scolded in disbelief. "How old are you? Is this even legal?"

Sano quickly dodged a school bus before answering Inumaru, "Ah, my old man taught me years ago, he used to have his own motorcycle gang before half of the group got jailed. So no problem!" Finally noticing the older man hyperventilating next to him, he took a hand off of the steering wheel and smacked Wanko roughly on the back, "Ah, lighten up Wanko! It's the area's best onsen, I promise, it's got all these bath salts and really great views and..."

Inumaru stared silently with this random history lesson, brows furrowed and mouth drawn up in a gape, blinking when Sano roughly clapped him on the back. "..." As Sano rambled on about the onsen, he tried to smile reassuringly, sweatdropping. "Ahh--hahaha, sounds great," he said nervously, still dreading that it involved being naked. Inumaru watched Sano nervously as he drove... Really, he trusted Sano's driving skills over his own; Inumaru hardly drove at home, what with having seikuu and all sorts of strange heavenly transportation.

The car was silent for a few minutes, both passengers absorbed in their own thinking. Sano frowned a bit, before asking, "Hey, Wanko? Did you...really want to come today? I mean, I sort've pushed you into it..." His cheeks tinged pink, flustered at the thought of going too over with his pressuring. He wanted to spend more time with Inumaru, but not at the other man's expense...

Inumaru blinked suddenly with this question, back straightening out as he sat up quickly. "U-um..." His lips quirked and he blinked a second time, noting the light pinkness in the boy's cheeks. "...I did," Inumaru answered half truthfully, smiling nervously, eyes upturning cheerfully as he gave a little scratch to his cheek with a gloved fingertip. "But at the same time, I'm just really nervous. I have a bit of a phobia regarding people seeing my body, hahaha." Inumaru's blush mirrored Sano's; he was pretty insecure, for some reason.

"Mffph." Sano suppressed a laugh, slightly relieved. In good spirits, he jammed the gas pedal again. However, he glanced back and realized he missed the exit. Throwing the gears into position, he tailspinned and began speeding the opposite way on the same road, as a large truck blared its horn.

"SANO-KUN," Inumaru shrieked, going wide eyed with his heart jumping into his throat and shoulders jumping with an awkwardly straight position of his back, hat flying right off of his head. "WHATAREYOUDOINGGETONTHERIGHTSIDEOFTHEROADOHMYGOODNESS!" What he hell, this kid was insane!

Sano paid no heed to the man beside him, now literally forehead against the windshield and grinning devilishly at the new obstacle, "I've never got this completely right before...we might make it this time..."

"G-got what right?! Got what right?! MAKE WHAT?" Inumaru pulled his hat over his head, tugging down on either side of the hat's brim, eyes wide and mouth drawn in a gape, obviously looking pretty frightful. His brows furrowed and he looked over towards Sano, still tugging his hat over his face. "YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US IF WE DON'T GET ARRESTED FIRST, SANO-KUN!!"

Sano winked, before spinning the wheel a complete 180, causing the car to turn at a 90 degree, allowing it to drive along the side of the truck, grinding off the truck's logo. "EEEEEYAAAAH...." Having no more 'road' to continue on, the car flipped back right side up as Sano let go of his grip on the steering wheel and stopped to catch his breath, before pumping his fists into the air. "YESSSS!!"

With some degree of terror, Inumaru's wide eyes were glued to the road as he did this, screaming, pressing his back against the seat as Sano made this wild maneuver. He hardly knew what Sano was proving or had the mind to think about it... Really, such irrationally reckless behavior vaguely reminded Inumaru of Kobayashi. And as the vehicle came to a jerk with Sano releasing his grip on the steering wheel, that thought in mind, Inumaru's eyelids flickered and his eyes rolled upwards into his skull, slumping and still with completely lid eyes. His hat had come lose from his grasp, the brim rolling down his thigh until the hat the hit the car floor. He had fainted.

"Oh man, wasn't that great, Wanko? Wanko...?" Sano turned around and watched as Inumaru slumped over. He grimaced, finally understanding the reason for the man's reaction but awkwardly bent down and picked up the hat and placed it back on Wanko's head, starting up the car again to get off the freeway.

Inumaru didn't make movement. Should he have been conscious, he probably would have thanked Sano for the gesture, but he just remained like a rock against that seat... He would probably be out for a little bit, his system having received quite a shock. His ears were mostly deaf to the revving of the engine, but it echoed vaguely in his head, distant and dreamy.

Realizing it probably wouldn't be all that beneficial to drive over the speed limit again, Sano slowed down to a grandmotherly drive of 20 km/hr, watching enviously at the cars zooming by. Lame. He stifled a yawn, not wanting to wake Wanko. He finally spotted his destination and grinned, pulling up to the parking space and turning off the engine.

Once they had parked and the engine stopped, Inumaru stirred groggily, blinking down at the floor, eyes half lid... He slowly sat up out of his slouch, a gloved hand finding way to his bangs, holding his forehead. He seemed a little confused before he jerked straight, hat briefly lifting off his head from the movement. "Wah!" He looked around, then blinked at Sano, sweat rolling down his cheek. "...I fainted," he said obviously in a point of observation, blinking.

"Ahahaha..." Sano replied, rubbing the back of his head, feeling guilty. "Um, we're here?" His eyes narrowed suddenly as a thought popped into his mind, and a hand moved forward to touch Inumaru's cheek, noting how they were heating up, "Eh! Are you getting sick? Dizzy? I'll go get boss man to call an ambulance..."

Inumaru blinked, surprised with the sudden contact and leaned away somewhat with a little laugh, waving a hand. "Not at all, I'm fine. I'm just a little shaken up..." Pausing, Inumaru's lips quirked and he gripped Sano's wrist, brows knitting. Oh boy, here came mother hen. "What were you doing driving like that, anyways!? That's extremely reckless, Sano-kun!! You could get in some serious trouble!" Inumaru nagged thoroughly, waving around Sano's wrist in his exclamation.

Sano looked at him in a bit of a shock, "I thought it was normal! Everyone in my family drives like that..." he awkwardly explained, swaying back and forth in Inumaru's grip.

Inumaru stared. "They what?" He released Sano, staring in disbelief. Blinking, he released Sano. "That's how crazy people drive, Sano-kun." He shifted somewhat in his seat, opening the door and standing to his feet... A bit of a wobble and a stagger, Inumaru had to focus to regain his balance. Having fainted in shock made his legs feel like jello. "Oops... haha .Well," he looked over towards Sano, beaming. "..Now that that's over, let's go."

Shocked himself over the sudden change in events, Sano stared at his God Candidate's stiff back before quickly getting out of the car himself (almost forgetting the keys) and shuffled towards Inumaru's side. The smell of hot wood emitting from the bathhouse evaporated his cares away as he took in the scenery in fond memory. "Mm, I haven't been here in years..."

"Ahh? Really?" Inumaru looked towards the bathhouse as Sano came to his side and waited for the other's lead... He was a little surprised that Sano would have such sparse visits to his favorite bathhouse, being the onsen addict he was. "I haven't been to an onsen in years," Inumaru said with a laugh. "Much less a good location."

Sano's head twisted sharply at the man's confession, staring wide eyed at Inumaru. "EH? REALLY?!" He grabbed his God Candidate's wrist and tugged him forward, almost breaking into a run. "Then we gotta get you in as soon as possible..." As the two ran down the slope of the hill, the bathhouse finally came into view completely, and became easy to understand why it was one of Sano's favorite. The building was huge, promising hundreds and hundreds of rooms to try and views to absorb on all sides.

"H-huh?!" Inumaru was a bit startled with the way he was suddenly being led by the wrist. He staggered somewhat with the sudden urgent pace, other hand lifting to hold his hat to his head as he was pulled along. Upon getting a better look, Inumaru's eyes widened, a surprised expression on his marking his being impressed... It seemed extremely ritzy. Even with a discount, it was probably going to be expensive, which worried Inumaru somewhat. Not that he had the time to voice his concern with the vigor he was being pulled at by the youth.

Their pace merely increased as Sano's excitement mounted and even the automatic doors leading to the establishment wasn't fast enough to allow them in without Sano running headfirst into the glass, pulling Inumaru onto the ground as well. On cue, the door swished open with an operated voice singing out, "Welcome!" A slight shuffle was heard, and Sano raised his head up only to see a cane colliding with his forehead.

"Aahh!" Inumaru yelped as he fell, and sat up in alarm with the back of his wrist to his mouth, eyes owlishly wide when the cane smacked Sano on the forehead. Not bothering to look at the culprit, Inumaru got on his knees, sweatdropping as he doted on the teenager, a hand on his shoulder as his eyebrows slanted back in concern. "Wah! Sano-kun! Are you okay?"

"You kids...I said I didn't want any more of your damn cookies!" the old man blindly waved his arms about before finally looking down at his victim. "Seiichiro?" Sano weakly looked up, his vision doubling from the two hits. "Yeah, old man?" The old man dropped his cane at the shock, before pulling the boy up and crushing him in a hug. "You idiot kid! Never showing up and then all of the sudden running in like a moron...AHAHAHAHA..."

Inumaru just blinked awkwardly at the scene, sitting on the concrete of the entrance with his palms supporting his weight behind him, legs somewhat spread in a sprawl from his fall. Was this a friend of Sano's?

"Oh right, who's the friend?" The old man asked, peering over Sano's shoulder. Noting Inumaru's age, he bristled slightly, snapping his attention back onto Sano. "Eh?? Is this guy....taking care of you?

"Ehhh?" Inumaru bristled also from this statement, shuddering with such an accusation as he got to his feet. A bit of red had painted his cheeks in embarrassment from such an insinuation, and he crossed his arms with a huff, offended. "I'm a friend of Sano-kun's," he said pointedly, not bothering to offer a hand.. One of his cheeks were puffed out, eyes narrow. "My name is Inumaru."

"Oh! Ahahahaha...well, nice to meet ya!" The older man laughed, though noting the awkwardness of the situation, shuffled around to the front desk and took a key from the board behind him. "Let's see...Room 217, is that okay?" Sano stared, not believing his eyes as the owner dangled the key in front of the boy. "You...mean it?" The older man gave him an equal somber look and nodded. "On the house." Sano looked for a moment as if all his dreams finally came true. "Th-thank you..." he whispered, taking the key in reverence. "I don't know what to say...." He wiped his face with his sleeve, quickly trying to erase the traces of tears.

Inumaru blinked, reddening. This was kind of embarrassing... Biting on the inside of his lip, he frowned, then noticing Sano's reaction to getting the room, Inumaru's shoulders jumped in surprise. Wh--this kid really liked onsen. And Sano had mentioned that this was his favorite house, and he hadn't been here in years. Wanting to head out now would be pretty selfish on Inumaru's part. Blinking a few more times in Sano's direction, staring in brief shock, he looked over towards the man behind the desk, bowing uselessly with a sweatdrop. "Th-thank you so much!!" he said quickly. It was pretty generous, after all...

Sano turned away, not wanting either men to see him at his weakest. "Let's go, Wanko." he mumbled, as he shuffled to the elevators and tapped the 'down' button. The doors swished open with grandeur, the inside tinted with gold, though Sano had little reaction to the extravagant decor. Sano inserted the key into the elevator pad and instantly a green light button was activated, sending the elevator downwards to one of the sub levels. The elevator hummed softly, carrying its two passengers to one of the more secluded sections of the bathhouse.

Inumaru looked around as the elevator went downwards, finding it curious. 217 was a sublevel? It must have been larger than it had looked... Inumaru stood quietly, nervous and anticipating it all at once.. Inumaru assured himself that once he got comfortable in the bath he'd forget about his crippling shyness, and a relaxing bath would be something good for him.

The elevator slowed to a stop and cheerfully opened its doors with a small 'ding!'. The two stepped out and Sano immediately took off, turning through the hallways until he found it. Room 217. He unlocked the door and let Wanko in first. And it was beautiful. The onsen was giving off a slight steam, being built completely out of stones while the view was spectacular, showing a large green plain and a frosty mountain ridge at the end.

Inumaru gaped, impressed.. It was odd there was a hallway, then outdoor springs... It seemed something like a system heaven would use. In the corner of the elevator, there was a wash-bucket and some other assorted bath items. Sano likely already had his as he waltzed out the elevator, Inumaru following with much more calm. He looked around, shoulders pinching into an uncomfortable shrug. As per custom of going to springs, it was required you bathed and cleaned yourself outside the spring with the wash bucket and the like before stepping inside. Bucket under his arm along with a towel rolled inside and some wash-products, Inumaru stood there awkwardly, blinking. There was nothing to do now but disrobe, clean and soak...but...his cheeks pinkened and he frowned.

Sano on the other hand was already scrubbing his body clean with the soap he had brought, humming cheerfully at his good luck of having the room. Usually it was snapped up by the other customers and was reserved months in advance so Sano rarely had access to it, but now...he quickly he quickly rinsed off, shaking his head to get rid of the water droplets forming in his hair. "Ah, Wanko, coming?'

"A-ah, yes!" Inumaru frowned, slipping off his hat and unzipping his black vest, glance falling off the side awkwardly. "I wish they had given us some robes..." Not that he was ungrateful for their astounding luck already. As Inumaru apprehensively stripped layers, he was eventually nude, fidgeting awkwardly to cover up before he sat down to clean himself. He was frowning, red across his cheeks and ears, seeming pretty embarrassed; Inumaru's body was somewhat effeminate in appearance, and he wasn't as thin as most men on top of having no muscle definition to speak of... Just a little bit pudgy, but far from being anything bad like fat. It seemed the older man was pretty ashamed of his body. "Mooouuu..." Oh well! H-he'd be in the water soon..! Really, Inumaru was doing this for Sano... Bathing together with friends is a good exercise of trust, he thought. What was it called...'skin shipping'; a rite of passage in comfort and trust with a friend or business.

Meanwhile, Sano was waiting on the side for Inumaru to finish, politely looking the other way as he folded his clothes off to the side. Crease fold fold. Fold fold smooth. Crease smooth align. Fold crease align fold fold fold..."Ehehehhe...Wanko? You done?" He almost couldn't wait to start soaking in and the older man was already rinsing for more than ten minutes.

Inumaru sweatdropped, reddening a second time. "A-ah, sorry..." He grabbed for his towel, wrapping it over his waist for the time being. It was short, but modest enough... Inumaru folded his clothing with the speed that'd probably usually only be recognized in house-wives and glanced towards Sano, waiting for the adolescent to go ahead so he could follow his gesture.

Noticing that Inumaru might never go in without a cue, Sano pushed the man's back towards the onsen, digging his heels to move the seemingly immobile God Candidate. "Okay, Wanko, in you go..."

"Huh?" Inumaru blinked, turning over his shoulder as he awkwardly staggered from the boy's pushing. He laughed, eyes closing in a chipper manner. "Ahahaha...I'm going, you don't need to push, you know." So, obediently, despite the nervousness that stirred in his stomach and showed by the pink in his cheeks, he slipped into the onsen, removing his towel as he went in and placing it beside the spring over some rocks. Inumaru grit his teeth, eyes spiraling for a moment as he eased in... it was pretty hot, and Inumaru wasn't exactly a frequenter of onsen. "A-aaahhh--it's hot!"

"Well you weren't supposed to go in that fast," laughed Sano, going in behind Inumaru and smoothly glided across to the other side and with placing the towel behind his head, lifted his arms in the air and gave out a content sigh. "Aaaaaah..." He could already feel the rejuvenation process beginning and slowly lolled his head to get the kinks out, feeling his muscles loosen in the hot water.

"There's a wrong and right to how you go into a spring?" Inumaru asked, blinking and raising an eyebrow, lips quirked curiously as he rubbed a hand over his shoulder... He'd already gotten used to the heat, but his body had a vague tingle in the aftermath of the shock it had received from the water. The man gave a bit more of a slouch, water level now rising over his chest, eyes thinning into lines as he gave a small sigh of content that echoed Sano's. It did feel pretty nice

"You know..." Sano mumbled, closing his eyes and having his mind slowly floating amidst the steam of the onsen, "I was thinking...if I won and had the blank zai...I wouldn't know what do with it, but now..." He paused, wondering if his wish sounded too selfish to be discussed at such an early stage of the tournament, and sank further into the water. "Ehhhh...."

"...Mm?" Inumaru turned his attention over towards Sano, raising his eyebrows despite that his eyes were still closed, mouth low on his expression. He didn't seem to have been paying much attention. ; "You wouldn't know?" But he was.

"Nothing, nothing," Sano replied, laughing it off. Inumaru was such a trustworthy guy, he knew the older man wouldn't laugh at his dreams but still felt as though the information could still be divulged at a later time. Besides, he had another question he was itching to ask. "Neh, Wanko? How come you chose me?"

"Ahh...? Lots of reasons." Inumaru laughed, smiling thoughtfully, though his glance slid away from Sano's, focusing instead on some hazy scenery, obscured as it was by clouds of steam. His smile was warm, wide, stretching nearly ear to ear. "I wanted someone who was strong.. but more over, Sano-kun, it's because I know you're a good person. Your justice is what it really boils down to..."

Sano's eyes widened a bit at the last reason, not fully comprehending. "My...what?"

Inumaru's cheeks pinkened somewhat, laughing, attention turning back to Sano. "Your judging based on what's right and wrong, Sano-kun. Call it a hero complex; you go out of your way to help other people even if it's inconvenient for you, regardless of who that person is...at least, from what I've observed so far. You're basically just a very good person. A rarity, you know?"

"Eh? But isn't all that just something you have to do? Commitments to society? Karma? Y'know, one good thing paid tenfold?" He stopped in his reasons and relaxed, laughing. "Yeah, I guess you're right. Justice. Hmm. I like it, sounds more heroic that way. Maybe I can get a statue or something." He grinned, now flushed with a warm feeling of being complimented. Inumaru did have that effect on people.

Well... he tried. "...Don't push it," Inumaru teased, laughing a little a bit. "If you're in it for glory, then you're just awful." That wasn't what doing good things was about at all! Not that Inumaru was taking Sano very seriously.

"And there'll be a national Sano day and a parade will be set up that everyone has to attend while I sit on the main float, waving to my fellow citizens and at the end I'll make some heroic speech that probably won make sense but sound good anyway..." Sano went on, smirking at his own imagination. "And merchandise, like action figures or posters or silverware with my face plastered over the place or maybe I can make my own movie...!" now deliberately taunting the older man.

"Moouu!" Inumaru crossed his arms and tilted his head into the air with a slight hmph, eyes sliding closed and his lower lip vaguely protruded. He sank in the water, some. His tone was exaggerated and whiny, obviously feigning his offense. "I should dump you right now and find someone else!"

"You sure you want to try that?" a feral grin chuckled at Inumaru's side and before the God Candidate could turn around, Sano took the other man's shoulders and plunged him fully into the water.

Inumaru's eyes flew wide and knowing what was coming once the boy had grabbed him around the shoulders, the man closed his eyes tightly. Once dunked, Inumaru popped right back out of the water, face rather red - either from embarrassment or heat of the water, spluttering. "S-Sano-kun!!" He coughed, then frowned. Returning the favor was easy from the side difference, Inumaru following the gesture and planting his palm on Sano's head, shoving him right in until Inumaru's hand was also submerged.

A few bubbles rose to the surface, following a few splashes until they died down...Sano felt the hand on his head let up slightly and took advantage of the situation and brought a hand behind Inumaru's head and pushed his God Candidate into the water. He resurfaced, laughing, "Ah, good try, Inumaru-san, you put up a good fight...!"

"Agh!" Inumaru fell into the water, and after some flailing, managed to back himself up against the rocks, eyes spiraled. "Uwaaah.." Goodness, the water was hot. It seemed Sano was used to being in hot water, even if it meant being submerged... He frowned once he recovered, mouth peaked into the shape of an upside-down v. "You're crazy!"

Sano checked his fingernails, putting his heroic superstar front up again. "Ah, Wanko, don't be such a sore loser! It's okay that you can win against me, I understand and I wouldn't treat you any differently. Of course, there was that particular sentence just you happened to say..." Sano leaned up to Inumaru until the two foreheads were touching. "Neh, would you mind refreshing my memory..." And as he said this, the door swung open.

Inumaru stared, frowning as Sano went about this speech.. and when the other came closer, Inumaru blinked. As their foreheads touched, a touch of pink crossed Inumaru's cheeks and he frowned, leaning back somewhat as he found the super close contact rather odd. The hero thing or the crazy thing--? "Um... Y-you're crazy?" Inumaru hadn't noticed the door opening, as the springs were outdoors and a fair distance away from the building..

"Exactly, and that-" Sano was cut short as he heard the door open and in shuffled an old lady, her face crinkled into a smile. Sano quickly sat up and away from his God Candidate and opened his mouth to try to explain the situation, "Um, eh, ah..." "I heard you were coming, Sano..." the old lady croaked cheerfully, "so I prepared some snacks for you to enjoy..." she came over and set the platter over to the table next to the onsen. "A-ah, thank you..." Sano mumbled, quickly bowing to show his thanks.

Inumaru realized how odd that must have looked, sympathizing with Sano's sudden awkwardness. Inumaru, seeming pretty unphased, smiled towards the woman and gave a small bow. "Thank you," Inumaru said, echoing Sano. "That's very nice of you."

The woman bowed back, "My pleasure. And please make yourselves comfortable." She switched her attention back onto Sano. "Ah, Sano, you've grown so much, " she smiled, continuing, "and handsome enough to have someone take care of you already..." "Eh?! Wait, obaasan..." But the old lady was already crossing the path to the door, tittering, and with a small bow proceeded back into the hallway. "...don't tell ojisaan." Sano finished pitifully, a sweatdrop rolling off his cheek.

Inumaru sweatdropped also. What was with people in this bathhouse...? Idly, he wondered if Kobayashi and Ueki might have had the same problem... "We seem to give off quite the impression of being a couple," he sighed, blinking a couple of times as he watched the old woman leave.

"We've gotta sneak past ojisaan...." Sano mumbled, mostly to himself, "He might to kill you..."

Inumaru frowned... What an inconvenient situation. Obviously, he had no idea why everyone was insinuating such things. "Alright... Haha, I'm sorry for all of this..." He rubbed the back of his neck, some. "You couldn't set him straight on this?"

"Ahahaha...maybe..." Sano laughed, though his face was in a grimace. Maybe he'll think of a back up plan just in case...Though really, Inumaru was a really good friend of his, one of the best. A really good best friend that he could never replace, no matter what...Sano put a palm to his face, scowling, what was he thinking?

It was an odd thing to think.. The two of them didn't really know each other on that level, at this point. He blinked, seeing Sano hiding his face behind his palm with such an expression, patting Sano's shoulder softly. "Ahh...don't worry about it, I'm sure it'll be fine," he assured Sano, frowning a little.

Sano turned back to Inumaru, a genuine smile replacing his frown. He was spending quality time with him, why think so far in the future? "Yeah, it will." Suddenly feeling hungry, he reached over and picked up a cracker off of the platter the old lady had left for the two and bit into it. "Mffph, s'good!"

"Ah...?" Inumaru eyed the platter of food, cheeks pinkening as his shoulders stiffened, hands in his lap. He wasn't exactly hungry, really, but...

"Do you like sweet or salty?" Sano muffled through a mouthful, picking up the two varieties in his hand.

"S-sweet..." Inumaru said quietly, blinking towards Sano's ravenous behavior once he removed his wary eye from the snacks.

Sano stockpiled a bunch of the sweet crackers in his hands until he made a small tower and precariously walked over to the other side to share with his God Candidate..."Dunno what she put in them though, maybe red bean or something..."

"Neh, we could probably take them home if we can't finish, she wouldn't mind..." Sano replied, taking the cookies two at a time. He pushed his hand closer to Inumaru, "Eh, eat! Eat!"

"Waah! I'm not hungry, you know!" Inumaru protested loudly with the other's hand shoving into his personal space. He took another bite of his cracker, laughing. "...I'll just take some home, if you're so insistent."

Sano waited until he finished chewing. "You told me yourself you didn't have breakfast, eh? You're probably right, we should save some.." Sano leaned over to place the crackers back onto the platter and leaned the other way to grab his towel. "We should probably get out now, huh?"
Meanwhile, Sano was stockpiling the crackers into an extra bag he had brought along, knowing it would take Inumaru quite awhile to get dressed. He had to smile, it was already one of the hottest months of the year and the man still walked around in a bulky vest and gloves.

Sano tapped the 'up' button and waited for the elevator to come down. After a few seconds it made its way downwards and opened up with a 'ding'! The two stepped in and Sano pressed round Floor allowing the doors to shut and carry them off.

Inumaru rolled on his heels, grinning as they went. Despite the awkward confrontations of coupley-insinuations from random old people, this had been pretty enjoyable. He looked to Sano, blinking. "Did you enjoy yourself, Sano-kun?"

Sano looked up and smiled, "Of course! It's always great to spend time with you, Wanko." He folded his arms and leaned against a side of the elevator. "A trip to a great onsen along with a great friend, it has to be good."

Inumaru blinked, blushing somewhat with this comment, staring at Sano with an expression that conveyed a good degree of surprise. "...Ah? Do you really consider me a great friend, Sano-kun?"

Sano laughed, "What, you thought I hated you?"

Inumaru jumped somewhat with the question, eyes widening as he held his hands up as though in defense, brows knitting. "No! Not at all," Inumaru said quickly. "It...it's just..." His stature seemed to relax, blinking. "I'm a lot older than you."

"So?" Sano replied.

Inumaru seemed bewildered. "You don't care?"

"Does it really matter?"

Inumaru paused, staring at Sano a moment. Then he relaxed, leaning against the wall with a mirthy, full laugh, eyes upturned happily in half crescents.

Sano reciprocated the smile, if not wider. Until the elevator reached it's destination with a second 'ding!' and his expression turning anxious. He poked his head out of the elevator, looking both ways to see if the coast is clear. Stepping out, he immediately flattened himself against the wall, making a gesture for Inumaru to do the same.

"What are you doing?" He paused, then remembered the warning about the old man and sweatdropped, expression growing glum. Why did he have to get involved in such a situation..? Sighing, he flattened himself against the wall, following Sano's lead. He was feeling a little ridiculous.

"Shhhh..." Sano hushed, peering out to the reception area. With a lunge, he sailed across the room. After making contact with the ground he rolled across and quickly hid in front of the front desk, looking upward for any sign of movement. None. "Psst, Wanko, do what I just did."

"I can't do that!" He hissed, stomping one of his feet as he clenched his fists, reddening rather thoroughly. Inumaru wasn't exactly the athletic type.

Sano gritted his teeth. Did the man really not want to save his own skin? "Fine, fine, but stay low."

PFF, Inumaru wasn't nearly as limber as Sano, anyways. The kid was just nuts. Giving an exasperated sigh and rolling his eyes to the ceiling for a moment with a frown, he complied, advancing forward but keeping low - such that he didn't go over the front desk, walking in somewhat of a crouch.

"EHEM." A voice called out. Sano face-palmed as he watched Inumaru snapped his head to look up, a perfect 'deer-in-headlights' look on the man's face.

Caught after all! Inumaru paled, quickly standing to his feet. "A-ahh--um--"

The old man raised an eyebrow, watching the stammering God Candidate trying to look apologetic. Behind the onsen owner was the old woman, smiling as always and a tea in hand. "What are you doing?"

Inumaru caught glance of the old woman, mouth lowering uneasily and his eyes dotting, a blue gradient from under his hat to his cheeks. Hopefully she wasn't as gossipy as Sano had given the impression of. Quickly recovering to a normal expression, Inumaru answered, "A-ah, I was on my way out..." He said dumbly. Well, that was obvious, but Inumaru didn't know how to answer any other way.

"Oh really?" the old man narrowed his eyes, leaning forward. "And where is Sano?" In front of the desk, Sano clenched his bathrobe, daring not to make a sound as he waited the ordeal out.

Gh--damn it, think fast... "He left a bit before I did," Inumaru informed the old man, rubbing the back of his neck with a blink. Inumaru's expression and behavior was surprisingly steady. He decided if anyone was going to get skinned for this stupid mistake, it wasn't going to be Inumaru's new friend. "I had taken a while to get dressed, and I suppose he had other things to do..."

A hand shot out and pointed at the parking lot up on the hill. "Then what is his car still doing here? And another thing, where's the room key?"

AGH, damn it, damn it, damn it. "Ah...?" He blinked, glance following along the pointed finger as though oblivious, and when the owner asked about the room key, Inumaru's expression broke. Damn it, busted... There wasn't really an excuse he could make for that, and so he fell silent, brow idly twitching. This was a really uncomfortable situation.

The old man gave a snort, then burst out laughing. "AHAHAHAHA, YOU TWO..." he roared, smacking a hand repeatedly on the table. After a few minutes he stopped enough to talk, wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. "Alright Sano, you can get up now...don't think I'm that blind to not see that stupid stunt of yours..." Sano slowly got up..."AND YOU." The old man pointed again at Inumaru, making it dramatic as possible.

What the hell, this old man knew?! Inumaru reddened from is forehead to his neck, jaw going slack. When the other pointed at him, Inumaru jumped, hat going somewhat askew, startled from the sudden dramatic gesture. His finger subconsciously followed the subject of the old man's, pointing up towards himself. "E-eh?!"

"What were you thinking, crawling around like that? Playing spy like that with Sano...HAHAHAHAH..." he explained, before laughing again.

Inumaru reddened further, not having a response to really offer aside from being horribly humiliated by the situation. Fidgeting, Inumaru's hands gathered modestly in a clasp over his lap.

"Eh, can it, old man." Sano grinned, placing the key onto the desk. "It was difficult enough to get him here the first place..." The old lady's expression never changed, still smiling and sipping her tea.

Had that old lady not said anything? "Ahh, it's true..." Inumaru agreed quietly, hand clasped to the back of his neck as he blinked to the ground.

"Eh, really? Ahahaha, I'd probably balk too, spending too much time with Sano might lead to a few broken bones, or worse..." Sano feigned an insulted face, trying not to ruin it and start laughing as well. "Hey!"

"I had no idea Sano-kun was so dangerous until today, actually," Inumaru said with a light laugh, hand still on the back of his neck, giving a bit of an idle scratch. "He has a lot of energy."

"Eh, he's an idiot, but he's a good kid...most of the time." The old man swiveled his attention back onto Sano and with a grandfatherly tone, "Drive safe, and I'd better not hear about you totaling another car, alright?" His face melted back into a smile. He ruffled the boy's hair and lightly tapped on it. "And come back again soon!"

...T-totaling? Inumaru paled. "A-ah, yes..! Thank you so much for the stay," Inumaru said quickly, hands gathering back in his lap as he gave the old couple a bow.

"Anytime," the older man replied, bowing back. Watching the two making their way out of the establishment, he cupped his hands around his mouth, nd don't do anything he tells you to do! He might kill you!" before laughing and turning towards his wife. "Now, what was it that you wanted to say again?" The woman merely smiled.

Hopefully that would be the end of these odd couple allegations. Honestly, two men going together to a hot spring wasn't so unusual, was it? --Well, Sano was a boy, and he was a man, but that made it all the stranger. Mind still wrapped on that issue, somewhat bothered, Inumaru followed his chosen power user. "Well... he didn't murder me," he said with an optimistic chuckle.

"Thankfully..." Sano said honestly, breathing a sigh of relief. They made their way across and into the parking lot. Sano fished out the car keys and unlocked the doors, letting himself in. "You never know with that old man, he's pretty strong for an old-timer..." He inserted the key into the ignition, allowing the car to come back to life.

"Ahh? Is that right?" He laughed, taking a seat beside Sano. "Are you two related...? You seem close," Inumaru commented, then felt his blood turn to concrete when he heard the engine ignite. Oh god, for the sake of all that was good, let Sano drive normally...

As if he had read the older man's mind, Sano immediately drove in reverse at top speed and barely collided with the car behind them, before spinning the wheel and zooming out of the parking lot. "Grandfather in law," he explained, paying no heed to the cars stopping madly all around him as he intersected onto the main road. "My oldest brother's wife's dad."

"Ah!" Inumaru felt his stomach lurch when Sano began to drive so recklessly, not seeming to notice that the younger of the two answered his question. He sank in his seat with a small whimper, shoving his hat over his face. Maybe if he didn't see the road it'd be less horrifying.

After a few near collisions, the road was relatively free of cars, as if the others had learned their lesson and decided to stay a few miles behind Sano. It was only then Sano decided to speak again. "Eh, Wanko? Thanks...for coming with me today..."

Inumaru poked up the brim of his hat with a blink, eyeing Sano with a weak smile. "...Ahh, it was my pleasure, Sano-kun. I'm sorry if I was such a wet blanket."

"Not at all! I was wondering if I was being too rash as well..." Sano smiled, facing Inumaru and straying his eyes from the front.

"Oh...? The only thing I find rash about you so far is you're driving," Inumaru said, laughing and scratching at his cheek a little. "...It's quite scary, actually."

"Really?" Sano said, not bothering to look as he swerved around a police car. The blue and red lights reflecting off Inumaru and the blare of a policeman telling them to stop had tipped him off though. "Shi-" Sano started, and he slammed the gas pedal, taking off.

"DON'TSPEEDUP," Inumaru screamed, pulling his hat back over his face and slouching so far into his seat that his ass was actually off the seat. "Aaaghh, oh my god..."

Sano didn't bother with the plea, and decided to loose the authorities at the first exit he saw. "This is the way to your place, right?" Not even waiting for an answer, Sano zoomed in.

Inumaru gave a strain of something that sounded like a cross between a grunt and a whimper, back pressing against the seat anxiously, hat still over his face. He didn't even really bother to answer Sano.

The police followed closely behind. They were now in the suburban area, and Sano was on the lookout for Inumaru's address, not exactly paying attention to obstacles ahead. "Ehhh...here!" and swerved in, turning off the key and slouched like Inumaru as the police car rolled on by. "Whew...."

Once the coast was clear, Inumaru sat up so suddenly it caused the car to teeter somewhat, reaching over and smacking the kid on the head. "HOW ARE YOU NOT IN JAIL FOR DRIVING LIKE THAT ON A DAILY BASIS?!"

"Ehhh..." Sano said, rubbing the injured spot on his head gingerly, feeling it starting to bruise. Inumaru could be lethal when angry. "Because...I'm not?"

"But if you keep driving like that, you WILL be!" Inumaru grit his teeth, waving a fist in the air in gesture of his distress. "You need to learn how to drive properly, Sano-kun! Being mindful to the law is important! You're criminal, you know; you've done at least three felon acts alone in driving, today!"

"I did?" Sano scratched his head, actually not knowing this piece of information.

Inumaru gaped, staring at the kid in disbelief. "When a policeman puts on his siren and you run away, that should be obvious! There were other things, but yes..." He rubbed at one of his eyes. "...I suggest taking driver's school or something before you really get in trouble. It's worrisome, you know.."

Sano smirked, but knew that Inumaru was merely looking out for him. "Okay, okay, mom, I'll get take a class and get my license like a well-behaved citizen, alright?" Looking at the dubious look on Inumaru's face, he emphasized his promise. "Really. I will."

"...Mmm, okay," Inumaru said, quirking his lips and dropping the subject. He softly gave a tug to one of the tails of Sano's headband, grappling for the door handle with his other hand, the door giving a small pop sound with the door opening. It was barely ajar, and Inumaru stayed in his seat, giving a small smile. "And don't call me that."

Sano sat up in surprise, but quickly agreed. "Fine, fine...eh, I'll see you later, right?"

Inumaru squinted at Sano's exit, crossing his arms, leaning on his toes after he had driven out as though to make sure he kept up the sane driving. Once Sano was gone, Inumaru laughed a little.. jesus, what a crazy day. Heading into his appartment, he made way inside, quietly closing the door behind him. Well, they'd have to do it again sometime... but they were either going to take a bus, or Inumaru was driving.

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